You know you’re a bibliophile when…

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When I was seven years old I almost knocked myself out.

Not particularly unusual. I was a clumsy and absent-minded child and my early life was a string of near catastrophes. My poor mum was constantly snatching me out from under the wheels of articulated lorries and putting out fires in my hair. And I have three brothers god help her.

But on that day I was being particularly careless. It was world book day and we’d had a fair at school. We’d all got those £1 book vouchers – the perfect foil for manipulating your parents into buying you a new book.

I chose Captain Underpants. For the uninitiated, it’s a brilliant book about two cheeky chappies who hypnotize their headteacher – causing him to strip down to his y-fronts and prance around like shit superman. It’s hilarious.

So hilarious in fact that I couldn’t put it down. Not even to walk home from school.  So there I was, merrily minding my own business, when out of nowhere appears this lamppost. Right there on the side of the road, totally unexpected. And before I know it I’m seeing stars. I was initially furious but on reflection I mellowed; it did prevent me from wandering out into the road after all.

So next time someone bumps into you on a tube platform or a crowded street because they’ve got their nose buried in a book, just remember…

It’s me. I’m that guy.


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  1. Jason Burley says:

    My Dad took me and my baby sister to the local library every Saturday morning to give my Mum some relief from kids. I grew to love the library and books and have never looked back…

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