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A couple of weeks ago Jason wrote a post about an olfactory inventor extraordinaire who was aiming to bridge the gap between e-reading and real reading by adding a button to e-readers which – when pressed – would emit the perfume of used books.

Well the idea seems to be catching on. London based artist Paul Schutze is currently putting on an exhibition at Maggs Bros booksellers in Mayfair which aims to explore the differences between the digital and physical reading experiences.  The exhibit is called ‘Silent Surface’ and includes a book sprayed with a perfume modeled on the aroma of books (named ‘Libro De Tenebris’), as well as books being burned or destroyed.

The first part I get. But burning books… always a contentious issue. The smell or sight of burning pages is not something that I really associate with the experience of reading.

Bulgakov and Bradbury have had their say on the matter. What do you think?


Bookseller of Silicon Roundabout

(read more about the exhibition here)


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  1. Is the artist with the smell of books exhibition the same man who was in your shop asking for directions to the Google campus?

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