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Help Save Independent Bookshops

September 4th, 2011

There’s plenty of bookshops that have had to close down – there always have been. But, in the past, the reasons were retirement or increases in rent and rates. Nowadays there are three extra death blows to bookshops: Ereaders, supermarkets and Amazon . So devastating is the combination of these pressures that independent bookshops have ben forced to close but even colossal bookshop chains like Borders have collapsed and disappeared.
In France the government lauds independents:
their minister for culture is legislating for booksellers’ social charges to be cut and for a state mediator to be appointed to help them cope with digitisation.
You can help save independent bookshops in the UK by asking for the debate to take place in our country: do we want to save independent bookshops and are we prepared to legislate to support their survival?
We can lobby groups like 38 degrees asking them to push the survival of independent bookshops higher up the agenda.
Save independent bookshops and legislate to support their survival.
Bookshops are a small but significant plank of cultural life in UK. Ereaders, internet and supermarkets are forcing good independent bookshops out of business. Unless the government rules a cut in charges for bookshops, our country can look forward to a future without any bookshops left.